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Burnt-Out Baker is a continuation of the food and cooking blog I started on Open Salon two years ago so I could participate in Salon.com's (now sadly defunct) weekly Kitchen Challenge series.(I won nine times! Woohoo!) Older blog entries here were all originally posted there, and many were also cross-posted, in slightly different form, on Salon.com.

stories and recipes

All material posted here is original. The stories are mine, although a few names and incriminating details have been changed to protect the (not-so) innocent. Recipes printed here are original, except where noted. Many of my recipes are inspired by chefs and cookbooks that I love, and I give my muses full credit where it is due. I test all my recipes in a typical home kitchen (mine) and as a former educator and tech writer, I try my best to make them clear and understandable. If you find anything unclear or ambiguous in my recipes, please drop me a line and I’ll do what I can do to solve the problem and answer your questions.


I am, unfortunately, a much more verbal than visual person and a total klutz with a camera to boot.(I plan to remedy the latter problem soon! Honest!) Luckily, my husband, Glenn Price, is a professional photographer, and I have managed to blackmail sweet-talk him into taking photos for this blog. (He also gets to eat whatever he shoots.) All photos here are his, unless otherwise noted. If you want to see more of his great photos and artwork, check out his site here.

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